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Moving Tips

1. Remove all fixtures fastened to the wall that you entered to take with you to new residence.

2. Carry with you all extraordinary value items. Check ” Extraordinary Value Items List ”

3. Dispose of any hazardous materials. Check “ Do Not Ship List ”

4. If possible book your moving date – 60 to 90 days in advance, especially in the summer season.

5. If you plan to do your own packing give yourself plenty of time. Check “ Moving Planner ” This will avoid last minute stress.

6. Clean and bundle your garden tools and drain fuel in all power motors.

7. Dispose of any belongings that you do not want to take with you to your new place.

8. Remove all heavy and fragile items from all dressers and pack in boxes.

9. Make a floor plan with your new residents. This will help you to organize your belongings from old residence to new residence.

10. Keep the weight of your cartons reasonable, should not be more than 50 pounds.

11. Use only unprinted newsprint paper to wrap items. Printed newspapers can soil your possessions.

12. Allow refrigerators and freezers to dry at least one full day prior to move.

13. Soft goods like pillows and stuffed toys may be packed in large garbage bags, these bags are useful as fillers when loading.

14. Use towels to pack lampshades and other fragile items.

15. Tape and secure trays and other moving parts on refrigerator and stove.

16. Use wardrobe boxes to pack drapes and your wardrobe.

17. If possible to save you time on your move, have all furniture such as beds and tables dismantled.

18. Tie and bundle brooms, mops, bed frames and certain rods.